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Dealing with the Delta

January 2, 2019

Mohamed Abdullah joined EFS in October 2015 as an HVAC Senior Technician and was promoted as HVAC Supervisor in a span of one year.

Through the project win of a reputed Bank assigned to EFS Egypt was the delta zone and since Mohamed is originally from the Delta zone he moved to his city and oversaw the project with his team as acting general supervisor for all hard services activities with minor civil works.

He showcased great responsibility and ownership when he moved to the Delta zone as he took over the complete portfolio in terms of all activities with a high command of leadership and coordination.

He considers his role model to be Mr. Wael El Sify from his previous HVAC Maintenance Company where Mohamed worked with him for more than 6 years at the beginning of his career and he learned a lot from him in terms of HVAC technicality and details.

Hailing from the delta zone in Egypt he has a loving family of his wife and 2 boys Youssef (8) & Adam (4). Mohamed’s positive attitude and desire to succeed has brought tremendous transformation in his personality and his way of work. To all who don’t know, Mohamed is a huge football fan.

His favourite team is club Zamalek (their official shirt colour is white, just like Mohamed’s heart), likes to go to the gym. Someday, Mohamed aspires to climb up the ladder as a general supervisor at EFS and have his own company for maintenance in the near future in his own city.

Mohamed has a high school qualification with a Carpentry major and later on, he successfully passed many trainings for HVAC major with a total of 17 years’ experience in HVAC from hospitals, hotels & FM. Abdullah still goes a long way in proving his capabilities.

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