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Being a Pro Like a P.R.O.

When Manzoor Ahmad our PRO stepped into EFS he knew that this was the ideal beginning of something great


Talk about taking it like a pro. Meet Manzoor. He walked into EFS in 2012 as a housekeeping staff and worked with dedication and drive for 16 months.

While reviewing his work, the site manager knew he was capable of so much more and assigned him a role as Team Leader for a period of 3 months.

That was not it! Manzoor was later transferred to Dubai on a supply project for a reputed telecommunication client as a housekeeping staff for 5 days, worked as a Gardener for 3 months in a Veterinary Clinic then was transferred to the Musaffah Store for 2 Months and an Office boy at the Mina Head Office for 5 months.

It was a lot of moving around, but with every new role and transfer he made, Manzoor had something new to learn – and to offer. While assisting Mr. Hazem Hajii (PRO) till the end of 2017, he was very keen on understanding the role of a PRO, what importance it carried in an organization and picked up a few tricks of the trade along the way. Under the guidance of Mr. Hazem, he was promoted to Assistant PRO in January 2018.

Manzoor is grateful for all of the opportunities he has had with EFS and notes that we are all lucky to be part of such a great company that knows the value of supporting its biggest asset – its people.

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