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Behind the Scenes: Training for the Greatest Show on Earth – Saba Oomer


Communication skills, intercultural exchange and cultural diversity – we are just a few days before the start of the Greatest Show On Earth! We continue our campaign Behind The Scenes: Training for The Greatest Show On Earth to discover the talent trained by EFS Facilities Services for the incredible work opportunity to represent the UAE on the world’s stage.

Today we meet Saba Oomer, a passionate international business graduate who took the first step into building her career as an Explainer – Pavilion Visitor Services for the upcoming Greatest Show on Earth.

Saba’s career goals are centered around communication excellence and interpersonal relations, nurturing critical thinking and a creative approach to problem-solving. That’s why when she was presented with the opportunity to join the EFSian force for the Greatest Show On Earth, she immediately accepted the challenge to be in the midst of the heart of multiculturalism.

During her training at EFS, Saba connected with an environment that challenges the status quo and encourages personal development, creative ideas flow and constant communication with the organisation leaders who motivates talent to grow.

The values enrich Saba’s experience, as she learned during her training: “What impressed me during the training is that the whole process is not EFS centric, but rather focused on individual training needs and set to bring forth the best version of yourself. In addition, our preparation extended beyond the classroom sessions, with Group CEO engagements where we can connect truly with motivational values of growth”.

“The EFS foundation will have an impact beyond my professional engagement, reflecting in all my personal communication and growth!”

Watch Saba’s full story and follow the journey behind the scenes on the way to The Greatest Show on Earth!


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