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Behind the Scenes: Training for the Greatest Show on Earth – Neha Bhatia


Today we meet Neha Bhatia, a fresh graduate who embarked on the journey to the most incredible show on earth as Explainer – Pavilion Visitor Services 

Neha’s communication skills and career goals to become a marketing professional aligned with the mission provided by EFS Group to become an ambassador of multiculturalism during one of the most anticipated events in the world.

Her professional ambitions are doubled by the opportunities provided by EFS to develop experience in a fast-paced environment, create valuable connections and be part of the training programs lead by experts in the learning and development field that are passionate about the growth of their trainees.

The training program is designed to equip Neha with the best tools to enhance the consumer experience during the show and develop her native professional skills.

“The best part about the job that I most enjoy is socializing with people, collaborating with my managers and peers. I genuinely enjoy being constantly around people with vast knowledge and experience who challenge my abilities, allow me to bring my ideas to the table and are willing to create an unparalleled team-building experience. Moreover, my first interaction with the EFS CEO made me feel welcomed to the EFS family and believe in the company’s values.”

“The training has helped me enhance my skills, which will help me work together effectively and develop a good relationship with colleagues and clients!”

Watch Neha’s full story and follow the journey behind the scenes on the way to The Greatest Show on Earth!



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