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A wokful of dreams turn to reality

July 5, 2018



Grab a snack – this story will make you hungry! Monir Hossain is a bright and energetic member of the EFS family. He is originally from Bangladesh and started his career with EFS as a housekeeping staff – although his heart was really captured by a different type of flavour.

Determined to enhance his skills and pursue his dreams, he focused on improving his ability to communicate in English. At this point, he also turned towards feeding his lifelong dream of becoming a Sous Chef.

This culinary wave began when Monir identified opportunities to achieve his dream during an onsite posting as housekeeping staff at EFS. Because of this, he applied for a scholarship at a culinary school and dedicated his free time to learning the nuances of running a kitchen. He replicated his high level of performance at work, at school and his sincerity and efforts were appreciated and he was awarded a scholarship. EFS recognized his inventive nature and presented him with an Unsung Hero of the Year award in 2014.

Monir graduated from the culinary school with top honours and today – he is well on his way to realizing his ultimate dream. Monir’s achievements, motivation, passion and sincerity reflect his strong ambition. We often put things off, and say we don’t have time to get them done, however, he has shown us all that when we make the time – great things can happen.

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